Oct 3, 2010

Mini Haul and Natural Hair Jouney Update

My Mom and Sister took a trip to Sally's and CVS and picked up a few more hair products! :) ~

From Sally's Beauty Supply we have:
  • Proclaim Argain Oil
  • Creme Leave in Conditioner
  • Milk and Protien Olive Oil
From CVS:
  • Garnier Frutis Leave in Conditioner
  • Coconut Milk Conditioner

Of course I will be reviewing all of these products for you guys soon! And I apologize for the overly sharpened picture. I have a crappy camera. xP

And now for my Natural Hair Journey Update!
I'm at 11 weeks
Almost 3 months after The Big Chop (BC)

So this is my hair guys. It's starting to look a little wooly. Texture wise, it's pretty soft. The only time it's rough is after I wash it.
I got an edge up this Tuesday though! And the barber cut off like that top layer of my hair, my little fuzzies, and lined up the back of my hair.

Half Face Picture

That's a head band in my hair by the way, is it growing you guys?