Feb 17, 2014

Eden Bodyworks: Coconut Shea product line review

My hair is in a state of shock. I got my hair bleached. Yes. I paid hundreds of dollars at a professional natural hair salon to get my hair professionally colored by a professional and my hair came out like shit. I should have known better. When I walked in to the salon and told the stylist what I wanted it was VERY hesitant, almost like he had never heard of such a request. I especially should have known when the stylist and I went to the beauty supply across the street and the beauticians working there kept questioning me, acting like I didn't know what I was saying. They were completely perplexed that I would want my hair bleached. They warned me what it would do to my hair. I didn't care, I told them "It's just hair...."

I guess part of this was due to my own ignorance, but still...the stylist was still pretty shitty. He bleached my hair. It was not the color I wanted, but I was so tired, I just wanted to go home. When he detangled my hair...it was in BALLS all over the floor. He was so rough, and blamed it on me not using  a comb to my hair because I rather finger comb instead. My hair was left in shambles. I did not like the color. It was dry. and it was breaking of. bad!

This was months ago. Since my hair was parched I decided to just go ahead and buy some hair products to perhaps save it a little bit from complete destruction. After I cut off the damaged hair, I tested out these products, and let me tell you I am NOT big on buying hair products. I believe that shea butter works miracles, but that was before my hair got ratchet.

Sally's was having a sale. Buy 2 Get 1 Free. I noticed the eden bodyworks coconut shea products on the shelf and they peaked my interest for a few reasons. 1) I like coconut. I like how it smells. 2) I know coconut has the power to penetrate my hair shaft and provide maximum moisture. 3) They were a kinda-newish products. I like to try new things. 4) They were cheap. On sale. and 5) The beauty consultant, who I've known for years gave these products the thumbs up.
So yeah, I bought them! Her's my honest review of these products~

The coconut she aline comes with more than just these 3 products. I'm sure there's and I personally didn't buy the other products because I had no use for them. You can visit their website to check out entire line.

The packaging is pretty solid. I like that I can see what I'm getting.

The Cleansing Co-Wash

The cleansing condition smelled lovely. Very strong coconut scent! I didn't like how this product was packed in a jar though. A jar! Conditioner! IN. A. JAR! That means that I have to manually dig my hands and grab a scoop with my fingers while I'm in the shower. Ugh. Somebody please tell the Eden Works folks that this is not a proper packaging design for a conditioner.

The label advertises the words 'sulfate free', Ummmm? That's great. What natural likes sulfates? None. BUT, when talking about sulfates, no one looks for them in conditioners, because most conditioners don't even contain sulfates in the first place. So...to me, they're just trying to use buzz words. Gimmicky if you ask me.

Anyways, let me stop being so picky and review the actual product. The cowash felt legit, like a conditioner should feel. After washing my hair, I did not get the results I wanted. My hair felt okay. I did not notice it being an cleaner or any more moisturized. I would not buy this product again. I feel like I'm better off using a regular conditioner for my co-washes.

The Souffle

I was told the souffle doubled as a good moisturizer. That;s why I bought it, for my dry hair. The souffle has the same strong coconut scent as the cowash. It is very fluffy, light and airy. The souffle doe snot build up, leaves my hair feeling great and it does not leave behind any residue despite it's creamy texture. MY hair absorbs it right up, and is lasting. I would recommend this to not just naturals, but any one with dry hair of any texture.

The Leave-in

Leave in conditioners are a great idea. They do all of the work of a conditioner, but you don't have to wash them out. Perfect for a busy lazy girl like me. I can not give you a valid opinion about this leave in. I've only used it after washing my hair, and then applying additional products. I suspect this product would be good for ladies who do wash-n-go's but I am not the one for that. It smells nice, but it could easily be a hit or miss. You'd have to research or try this product out yourself and form your own opinion. And that's all. I probably won't be reviewing any other hair products for a long time. These will last me for a atleast a year!
Jan 22, 2014

KOTD: Sock Boots

My favorite pair of boots right now. Nothing too special. $27 from Pac Sun. I know, I know. Expensive for some sock boots, but these are actually functional. They're not just house shoes, they actually have soles on the bottom, so my feet can look fuzzy and cute----outside!  *Drake Voice* YAYUH!
Nov 15, 2013

OOTD: Am I Late with the Galaxy Print Trend?

Tis the season for amazing printed sweatshirt--crewnecks, whatever you wanna cal them! I have lots of them to share. Seriously, eBay has not been giving my life when it comes to finding affordable, unique clothing. I Actually purchased this sweatshirt last Spring. I saw Miss Banny wearing it, and I had to have it! As she said, this sweatshirt is  of super high quality. The inside material actually retains your body heat, and the outside Galaxy Print is very eye catching, and so striking.

It is one size, unisex. It's a bit big on me, but hey, what girl doesn't love big cozy sweaters in the winter? Since the Galaxy print is so loud, I like to keep it as the focal point and just pair it with some simple black tights and shoes. I can't recall the seller at all. As stated before, I bought this on eBay for no more than $23. If you search Galaxy Sweater, you're sure to find it. What cha think?