Nov 15, 2013

OOTD: Am I Late with the Galaxy Print Trend?

Tis the season for amazing printed sweatshirt--crewnecks, whatever you wanna cal them! I have lots of them to share. Seriously, eBay has not been giving my life when it comes to finding affordable, unique clothing. I Actually purchased this sweatshirt last Spring. I saw Miss Banny wearing it, and I had to have it! As she said, this sweatshirt is  of super high quality. The inside material actually retains your body heat, and the outside Galaxy Print is very eye catching, and so striking.

It is one size, unisex. It's a bit big on me, but hey, what girl doesn't love big cozy sweaters in the winter? Since the Galaxy print is so loud, I like to keep it as the focal point and just pair it with some simple black tights and shoes. I can't recall the seller at all. As stated before, I bought this on eBay for no more than $23. If you search Galaxy Sweater, you're sure to find it. What cha think?


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