Nov 2, 2013

OOTD: Pharoah/King Tut Sweatshirt

With this post, my blog will officially be moving in a new direction. I want to focus on fashion...all the cute clothes that I snag from ebay.

This Pharoah crew neck tho! I first saw it on sheinside, but for some reason, I don't trust them. So after a little search, I saw it for sale from a reputable seller on eBay. My transaction was smooth. My shirt arrived within 2 weeks, free shipping, and can you believe this work of art was only $25.99? So if you buy this from karmaloop for $65 or how ever much they're selling it for, I pity you bae. Plus, the one on karmaloop looks so janky for whatever reason.

I love this sweatshirt. So much. I do. Although it came from China, the quality is really amazing. Alhought I was expecting it to be made of a more cotton material, and for it to have more volume when worn, I was still pleased. The tag on the inside of the shirt says 100% cotton, but I beg to differ. It feels more like a spandex and polyester blend. Not itchy, but very fitted. It's a medium (not sure if asain or men size), and it was still very fitting, almost a bit tight.

The print shows wonderfully. Not dull, muffled or muted at all. I feel like the gold is actually shining when I walk down the street...or maybe I'm just shinnnnnnin'. o_o; Not only is it comfortable, but it is also functional. It was a cold out, about 65 degrees. I wore it kept me the point where I was sweating and ready to go home and take it off. So, if it's not absolutely freezing, I'd wear it for a colder day.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?


  1. peace.
    i stumbled across uour site looking for this sweater. nice vid, BTW. which seller on ebay did you use for this sweater. im picky about whom i choose as well. i appreciate any help given. much love. peace.