Oct 16, 2013

Hello Kitty Donut Squishy

As Beauty/Kawaii Bloggers, I'm pretty sure that we all know eBay is the holy grail of cute shit for cheap prices. Am I right ladies, am I right?! Wanting a new key chain I came across this beauty. A Hello Kitty Donut Squishy! I'm not even a fan of HK (I prefer rilakkuma), but it was so cute I could not sleep with out buying it.

I purchased this squishy from a US seller named: splendorabc. The squishy itself was $6.99, which is an okay price for such a product, but then shipping was $2.50, that's what made me a little mad. Shipping from China is usually Free, so why is a US seller charging $2.50 making the squishy almost $10?! I mean like, it wasn't even sent via priority mail, it was first class and took about 5 days to get to me. Can you believe this was one of the cheapest I could find though?

Let me stop griping. This person sells variations of this squishy. I went with this one because, it stood out to me the most! There are also other versions of this exact donuts where the sprinkles are different colors.

Honeslty, I do not actually know if this is a licensed product, and it wouldn't bother me if it wasn't. I'm not a collector nor a stan, so eh. If it was fake, who'd know? Would you call me out on buying a knock-off squishy? Haha, I think not. The tags look pretty legitimate, but you know everything can be replicated.

I am impressed with the quality. The sprinkles seem to be almost embedded into the squishy. They don't flake off, and even with a decent tug, they adhere to the material. Also, it has that classic squishy smell, sweet like bread. 

Ebay ladies, the home of cheap goodies.


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