Oct 15, 2013

Varsity VoxBox 2013 from Influenster

Lately, for some reason, I have been really inspired to blog. Maybe because I am no longer burdened with an abundance of circle lens posts (except for that one that I have yet to do), and I finally move my blog into a new direction. I might even start to actively make videos again. 

This post will be about a company that I have mentioned many times before. Influenster! This box was sent to me completely free for reviewing purposes, and I am kind of excited to share my thoughts.

 As the name implies, this box was aimed towards college students...or it's supposed to be anyway, and a college student I am.

Included in the box:
  • Tide Pods - Just like those dish washing pods that have seem to replace traditional powder. Yeah, just like those, except completely liquid. The upside is if you ever lose your cup, you don't have to worry about measuring out powder for you laundry. The down side? Well, you can't stick your nose in the powder and inhale the goodness, haha. I have yet to use my single pod, but I doubt it will be anything impressive. Just a quirky alternative if you ask me.
  • Kiss Nail Dress -  Nail stickers...? How does that relate to a COLLEGE girl's life---I have no clue. I will be making a separate post in the near future explaining why I am not too fond of these. Stay tuned.
  • NYC Plumping Gloss - Long story short, best fucking lip gloss in this galaxy. I will be making a separate post gushing about this and how surprised I was that I actually love it.
  • Air Heads Extreme Bites - Boy was I happy that Influenster actually gave us an ENTIRE bag of candy and not just a sample. I love candy. Although they were lacking in citric acid, I ate the whole bag as soon I got done photographing it. The sweet tooth I have wouldn't let me save them. :/
  • Clearasil Raspberry Cleanser - This was definitely the product that I was anticipating the most. Unfortunately I was let down with a measly sample. I have yet to try it. I'm sure it smells amazing, but will it give me the results that I'm looking for? If so---could Clearasil break my bond with Clean & Clear?
Influenster is a great program, I encourage all of you ladies to join and get free boxes! Seriously, it's 100% free. You can't go wrong with that. And I know how much you guys love to try new products. So go for it.


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