Oct 6, 2013

i.Fairy Moe Moe Brown Review

Hey Boo Thangs, Are you doing good? Great! This post is long, long....long over due. But here we have it, the second to last circle lens post that I will be making for a WHILE. I actually bought these from Uniqso. But as I said for the last pair of lenses that I reviewed, I won a contest, and had a load of points to spend. So My two pairs of lenses + shopping only cost 86 cents.

I chose the moe moes because I missed having brown lenses, they're by i.fairy, and I'm pretty sure I remember them being on my circle lens wishlist back when I made that a thing,

The bottles and the actual lenses.

And now, for the review.

The moe moe's are a three tone lens. Are they brown? Of course not! You know how i.fairy is---colorblind AF. Regardless, I love these. I love them better than the Kerei Brown's I once swooned over. The golden burst around the pupil, and that mossy gray, with the thin limbal ring, makes the lens mend so well. The lens has a pixelated design, but the strong opacity makes it for it.

Did I already mention that I love these lenses? Well, I do. Seriously. These are the only lenses that I am more than willing to wear out in public now and days, and not to mention they are super photogenic. They do have a subtle enlargement. The Moe Moe's should be around 14.5mm. Although they make my eyes a bit larger, there is no dolly effect. I think that's one of the main reason these lenses are so appealing to me. They give me that sophistication look that many other circle lenses can't.

Not to mention, I can wear them for hours with out complaining.

Daz it for todaiii, holla at you later bae.


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