Jul 18, 2013

Dueba Candy Eye/ Max Jelly/ Jewel/ Sugar Candy Pink Review

*Kevin Hart Voice* Alright, Alright, Alriiiiight! New Circle Lens Review! They are the Dueba Candy eye lenses, also known as the lenses that all of those adorable Japanese models wear in those beauty magazines. I had the brown version of these. They look similar. At first, I was a bit disappointing because these were not by EOS (which is what I thought I ordered), I wouldn't have cared if the design was identical, but the Dueba's has a spiked pattern instead of a gradual gradient like the EOS lenses have. Either way, I couldn't bee too upset. After all, these were only like 86 cents. Yes, 86 cents folks. These were actually NOT sponsored. I won some type of contest and received 420 credit points. I bought two pairs of lenses, then I used a coupon and my total was 86 cents! What a deal!

These bottles have been relabeled by Dolleye. So cute ^_^;

Color & Design: 7/10 - Like I said earlier, I thought I'd be disappointed because the design was not what I was expecting. It has a spiked design instead of a gradual gradient like the brown ones I'd owned. After wearing the lenses, it really didn't matter. I love the way they look. The "pink"? Not so pink. It looks more grey to me. I love how these lenses are opaque but yet have a subtlety to them. Great for everyday wear.

Enlargement: 5/10 - Surprisingly, these don't enlarge much. Even with the thick, prominentant, in-ya-face limbal ring.

Comfort: 8/10 - I wore these for about 5 hours, and then my eyes started to dry out. Other than that, no problems. Eye drops fix everything.

These lenses are lovely!
Video coming soon...


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