Oct 11, 2010

Natural Hair Product Review: Proclaim Argan Oil

Purchased from: Sally's Beauty Supply
Cost: $4.99
Size: 3Oz

Endurability: 8/10 - I'll give this oil it's props, if you manage can manage to keep your hands out of your hair, then it should last you atleast half a day.

Conditioning: 10/10 - So I hear Argan oil is one of the best oils out there. It makes your hear incredibly soft, perfect for sealing in your moisturizer!

Appearence on Hair/Curl Definition: 17/10 - Makes your hair moderately glossy, and makes your curls spring up. It's lovely.

Overall: This is a great oil to use for you natural haired gals, but I must say it's not the best oil I've used. It's really expensive for such a small bottle. For a cheaper price, and wayyy bigger bottle, I would just buy a bottle of Glycerin. But I guess you pay for the quality. Works great, the cost is great too.