Dec 29, 2011

Princess Nudy Brown Review

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Stock Pic:


 bottles have custom dolleye stickers

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Actual Lens:

On to the Review!


Color/Design: 5/10 -  Classic nudy design, nothing special and nothing new. The color leans more towards orange than brown. With the design, the lens blends in with your eye color for a more natural look. I'm not sure of the exact brand, but these seem a bit more pigmented than normal nudies. Hmmm... :)

 Enlargement:7/10 - For a small, 14.0 lens, they enlarge nicely. The halo also create the illusion of bigger eyes.

 Comfort: 7/10 - They didn't feel bad until about the 5th hour.

Overall: I don't particularly love the nudies, but I don't hate them either. They're nice for every day where when I want to tone it down a bit. But knowing me, I love trying new and exciting things, and the nudies just don't fit that description.

Full Face:


  1. wow its like huge nudy browns >.<

  2. Cute! I like how these look on you. :D

  3. awh these are so cute!
    they are not too dramatic either :3

  4. I absolutely love these on your. I know they're not your favourite but they look great!!

  5. those look so adorable on you!!! i love them

  6. wahhh they are so cute on you~!! I love the halo effect hehe~ I was thinking about getting them in green ^^