Jan 10, 2012

It's mine, I spend it!

Took a micro shopping trip at DSW a few days go. I went in wanting to buy a purse.

My mom loves to nag. :) Constantly nagging me, saying "You're 18 now, a young lady, you need to carry a purse instead of just a wallet". So ugh, whatever. Why not. I like purses.

I purchased this GUESS bag. It's humongous! Very sophisticated. & Makes me feel like a boss lady.

(side detail)


See how deep it is? I think I might use this as a book bag next year when I go off to college. perhaps a laptop holder?

annnnd, I bagged some snazzy new kicks.
They're the Biscayne Sperry's. I think this may be a limited edition/retired design, because they're not on the sperry website, or DSW, they're not even on ebay. Good thing I got them when I did.

just to dern cute to pass up. i mean like, every girl needs at least one animal print in her wardrobe. having them on shoes? how could you not buy them?

i can see already that these are going to look great with everything. 


  1. Nice bag! Those shoes are super cute :)

  2. Digging all your shops. I really like the bag! Definitely my style~

  3. nice bagggg !!!! looks pretty :D

  4. I don't know if you're reading this but I've just recently found you through a look up of contacts and I've got to say: I LOVE YOUR REVIEWS GIRL! I;m glad I found this blog! & I just subscribed to you in your YT CHANNEL. ;DD

  5. @ Yeezong - Ooooh, get it gurl~ :)

    and thanks every one.

  6. OMG SPERRYS!! I love love those!! Nordstrom's Rack always have the most random designs. So I love looking there! but I wish I had those!! GRRR *meow