May 25, 2012

Don't eat that! It's my phone case~ :)

As some of you may know, I am becoming an avid lover of unique iphone cases. I've had the Rilakumma, Korilakumma, and the Stitch cases, but I'm sick of those! Everyone has them now, people in my class, people at the store...just ugh. I even spotted some being sold at my local mall. And so, I found the most creative case...ever!

It's a bread case! And not one of those fake looking ones, this is as realistic as it gets.image It is complete with synthetic powdered sugar and sesame seeds. It even smells sweet like bread. Ebay is your best friend for little knick knacks as such. I purchased this case for 3 dollars and something cents with free shipping! WHOOP~ But of course, it came all the way from Hong Kong and shipping took like a month. Totally worth it tho

As far as I know, this case is only compatible with the iphone 4/4s. It's not necessarily silicone, but it is a "squishy". Its so protective too, with all that cushion, I'm not even worried about my screen being cracked. I t's that type of material where if you drop your phone, it's bounces back.

It has all necessary holes and the buttons are surprisingly functional. I love this case.
It's so funny when people look at me stupid when I plug my headphones in and "listen" to it, and that one time when this lady gave me the side eye when she saw me plop what she thought was a piece of bread into my purse so casually. AHA, and that time when I was talking to my friend and I swear this lady thought I was schizo. It's fun fun fun!~ The reactions are priceless.

"Oh bread, you so crazy"

The only down side is that some of the sesame seeds falls off randomly and the paint (?) is peeling on the front. But hey, you get what you pay for. :)


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