Jul 17, 2012

Places I will miss in Houston: Sushi Choo Choo

My #1 sushi joint that I love so much. I heart sushi, I've eaten it at many different places: Sushi Sara, Tokyo One, Waza, Hido's Hibachi Grill, Kona Grill---I could go on and on. But Sushi choo choo is number one, because not only can I get full for about $20, but you just sit, and pick up the sushi you want as it travels infront of yo' eyes.

 and their name is so cute! Choo Choo! :). Hopefully my college town has a place like this.
This will just be a picture post for the most part. Enjoy.

The conveyor belt mainly consists of a variety of rolls, but they have a pretty decent amount of nigiri too.

I hate that mayo. Blech.


I live for ebi.

Ah, they have a habachi grill as well. You know, fried rice, noodles, tempura. the works.
Supposeabley green tea ice cream. I poured actual green tea into it to make a smoothie, now that was good! 


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