Sep 3, 2012

Mean Green Fling 2012

The Mean Green Fling was my very first college event that I attended at UNT, which is really lame, because there are several events all week...The Mean Green Fling was a social event to get different people from all walks to come to gether and basically just have fun!

 It was held the day before classes began to ykick off the new school year! They say that 450 clubs, schools, venues, sponsors, frats/sortities were there. It was a hot and sweaty day but I went home with a lotta free goodies and freeeee food!

Of course they had live music. I'm not sure if they were students or not, but she was such a good singer~ She did a cover of one of Rihanna's songs and I'm pretty sure she covered Waka Flocka too.

The Chi Omegas. Looking all cute and stuck-up. <3

The Sigmas(?) Sign.

They were giving out free massages. My friend say he was to rough and that it hurt like hell.

Honestly, Jimmy Johns wasn't what I expected. So not worth the hype. Or maybe it was because they put mayo on my sammich, which I hate. But those snow cones were so goood! The shaved ice was so soft and refreshing.

I know this guy had to have been sweating gallons in that suit.

Me with this cutie penguin! :D

So yeah. This was a pretty pointless post, but I'm gonna look back on this one day and be glad that I decided to take the time out of my day and blog about it :)
The memory has been officially preserved.


  1. Being from Australia, I don't really understand what's happening. xD But cute photo with the penguin haha!