Sep 17, 2010


Hello~. :)

Seeing as this is the first post, I just thought it's be a good idea to introduce my self!
I'm Brianna. Sixteen years old. Currently living in Houston, Texas, but will be moving to Miami, Florida soon. Currently a high school Junior. I have a twin sister. She may or may not contribute to this blog.
But anyway! I love circle lenses. I've been wearing them for about 8 months, and have owned six pairs!
I will review them all for you. :)

I have natural hair as well. For all you non-african-americans, natural hair is when you dont put any chemichals in your hair to straighten it! I've been natural for about 7 weeks. I will be tracking my journey on here, and reviwing products.
 That's about all folks, stay tuned! :)