Sep 18, 2010

Dolleye Brown Review (V-209LB)

I purchased these lenses from

For $25 and shipping took only 2 days!
(If you buy, please refer me! :) or lilblu222 on youtube)

I recieved these back in July. They are now retired, and I no longer wear them any more.

Color/Design: 10/10 - I absolutely loved these. They were my favorite in terms of color. They didn't turn out at gold/yellow Like I wanted them to, they were more of a honey brown or hazel. They looked extremely natural in all lightings. The design is natural as well from a distance, seeing as how the pupil hole is so small, and the sunburt around it is visible.

(low light)

Enlargement: 5/10 - These are 14.2 lenses, but they dont enlarge much, and that's fine. I bought these soley for the color.

Dollyeye Grey Vs. Brown

Comfort: 4/10 - Oh god. So you see, the reason I had to retire these lenses was because they hurt so much. No matter how much I cleaned them, or how much Clear Care I used, they always seem so heavy, and my eyes became tired very quickly. I loved these dearly, but my eyes couldnt stand them one bit!

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