Sep 25, 2010

Natural Hair Product Review: Hair One Cleanser and Conditioner

Purchased from: Sally's Beatuty Supply
Cost: $1.99
Size: .608 fl. oz.

Sulfate Free
Contains Olive Oil
Can be used as a leave in conditioner

There's not enough of it!

This is one bombass product. It conditions and clean all in one. So all you "no-poo"ers, this would be perfect for your regimin. I'm actually thinking of trying it for that use myself.

    Back on topic, even though there's only a handful of this goo in the package, it's very effective. You can feel it working! Literally. I mean like, as soon as you start applying it, it gives your scalp this invigorating, minty sensation.

And because this contains olive oil, it deep conditions. The product it's self isn't watery, it's actually extremely thick, wich is also a plus. Love this stuff. Will be buying again very soon.