Sep 19, 2010

Natural Hair Product Review: Hairfinity and 7 weeks after BC (Big Chop)

You can get these babies at for just a measly 25 bucks for a months supply.
They come with 60 pills, and shoudl last you about a month if you take the reccomended 2 pills a day!
I began using these the 2nd week after my Big Chop and ended the 6th week. Here is my progress:

            1 week after BC                                                                      7 Weeks after BC

At first, I didnt think the pills were working. But seeing these photos, they definately did their job. People had lept saying 'oh, you're hair is growing', but I just didnt see it.
Dosen't my hair look more fuller and, erm, poofier?! LOL. :)
This is a great product, has all the vitamins and things your hair needs, and at a reasonable price too.