Nov 19, 2010

EOS Adult Pink (J-203) Review

I Purchased these from:
For $17 (She was having a free shipping promotion, and I got a discount for being a new customer)

Stock Pic:

I finally got the pretty pink EOS Bottles!

Color/Design: 10/10 - These are a brilliant vibrant pastel pink! I love it! Very noticeable and a definate color change. If you're looking for something natural, then these are definately not for you. The desighn is quite speckly and pixelated. Gives you that reptillian feel.

Comfort: 10/10 - EOS is always on point.

(Bathroom Light)

Enlargement: 4/10 - Eh, These were pretty mediocore. No real enlargement, with these.

Overall: I love these. Point blank period.


Video Review:


  1. those lens look awesome on you hun!

  2. this look a bit like blytheye pink. I like how they look on you