Nov 6, 2010

Geo Nudy Brown (CH-624) Review

I purchased these from:

But unfortuneatly their site has been down for some time now. :'(
On a good note, these are a pretty common lens, so almost any and every circle lens shop should carry them.

Stock Pic:

Enlargement: Eh. 4/10 - I dont really remember these enlarging much. I wouldn't buy nudies for the enlargement anyhow. They are much to small.

Colour/Design: 6/10 - Out of all my nudies , these gave me the largest halo effect. I have no clue why, but I loved it. Dont my eyes look so mystical? The brown was more of a sandy beige, some how my eyes sparkles with these on. The brown is noticeable, and lighten your eyes up, but not to the point where it's not natural.

Comfort: 6/10 - They were okay up untl abour the 4th or 5th hour. After that, they begin to dry out and eye drops are needed.

Overall: 6/10 - I like these, they were not my favorite nudies, but they were nice on some occasion. I loooooooved the halo and the color was pretty nice as well. Would I repurchase again? Probally not, but I didnt regret buying them.

Youtube Video:


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