Nov 8, 2010

Water Challenge: Faster hair growth from just drinking water?! (continued)

So remember when I posted that picture of that girl who claims that her hair grew much faster from just drinking 62 oz. of water a day? Well. Guess what? I tried it out. Over the past month, I have been drowning myself in water, roughly 3 bottles a day just to see some results.

Well, you've been waiting, and here they are!
I'm gonna say my hair was 6cm, ya cant really see it because my finger, but

My hair grew one whole centimeter. Woopty-fucking-doo! </sarcasm>. I mean like seriously, I was expecting atleast 2 or 3. That water thing was a waste of time, and I gained like 5 extra piunds. Dont do it. On to better news. New Haul!

Reviews coming soon, of corse.



  1. Huzzah! I can comment now! :D (For whatever reason before, the comment form wouldn't work for me on your blog. DD: )

    Anyway, it really sucks that the water regimen didn't work for growth. ://

    I was too much of a wuss to do the 'big chop' after I got my Chinese/Japanese 'magic straight' perm and let it grow out. (That was the first chemical I ever put in my hair, and will be the last. It was awesome, and I like to experiment, but I don't like to spend hundreds of dollars on my hair...)

    Anyway, last year, what helped me grow out my hair fairly well was eating ridiculously well. Like... I had virtually no extra sugars or oils outside of salad dressing/fruit. <3 I got a lot of protein vi soy milk, and now that I think on it, I was taking Biotin every day. Hydration is important too, but I've always pretty much lived on water and milk, so I didn't have to make any big changes.

    Regardless, your hair's growing at about an average rate, yeah? Just kinda' sucks that the average rate's not too fast... :/

  2. Yep, growing at the average rate. I just want long lucious hair again! :'( I miss it, I mean, I love my teeny fro and all, I just feel like I need some length. I'm gonna start making life changed though. Eating healthy and all the works.

    But like, I just love candy and junk food so much, it it wasnt for my metabolism, I'd be a pig!

    My new years resolution will be eat healthy...all the time! :D
    Janurary will be my 6 month aniversery, so i think that's be a good time to start. thanks for the advice! :]