Nov 28, 2010

Geo T-Star (T-732) Review

I purchased these lenses from:
(Didn't have a good experience with the site, check out video for more details)

Stock Pic:

Actual Bottles Pics/Lenses:

The Review

Color/Desighn: 4/10 - Eh, The stars do infact show up, they just dont look as mezmerizing on me as they do on others.

Enlargement: 4/10 -  They enlarge somewhat, but not enough to be noticeable.

Comfort: 2/10 - I dont know why, but these lenses kill my eyes. After just one hour, I began to feel discomfort, and they were alreasy dry!

Overall: I'm dissapointed. I won't be wearing these too often, I dont really like them much. I feel like I've wasted my money, I'll put them to good use and give them away to a friwnd perhaps.

Video Review:


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