Dec 12, 2010

EOS Max Pure Brown Review

I purchased these a while ago during the summer from
(Unfortuneatly, their site has been down for some months now, but, many circle lens shops carry them.)

I bought these because my boyfriend at the time despised the fact that I wore circle lenses. But I loved how dolly they made me look.

SOOOOO, I ordered these, he never noticed that I was wearing them because they're so natural, and I got the enlargement that I wanted!

Stock Pic:

Actual Lenses:

The lenses have a dark brown ring, wich blends into a more orange-brown. People with lighter eyes may not get to much coverage from these.

The Review

Color/Design 10/10 - These are the most basic brown circle lenses can possibly get. They don't have an orange tint or a hazel undertone, they're simply just brown. People with brown eyes, don't expect a color change with these. These are extremely natural.

(Close Up)

Enlargement : 10/10 - These are 14.5 diameter lenses. The color extends all the way to the edge, so enlargement is very evident. Even though they are a dark color, they dont give off the alien-esque vibe to much. My eyes are pretty small, so 14.5 is about as big as I'll go. These are the perfect size for me. :]

Comfort: 10/10 - These are my most comfertable lenses to date. Even when I'm sleepy, they don't give me any problems. They stick to my eye and don't slide around and blur my vision. They're sweet little angels.
Overall: I have to say, whenever these expire, I will be buying a new pair to replace them. They're just simply perfect, no flaws with these at all.

More Pictures:


  1. I had a pair of these once, loved them too!

    This makes me want to get another pair...its certainly been a while.

  2. These looks so nice and natural :)

  3. Hello^^ do you think these lenses would look good on bright gray/green eyes? I always wanted brown eyes -_- But thanks for the review, and btw YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL <3

  4. Hi Megan! Thank you! :)
    I can say that these definitely won't turn your eyes brown. If anything, it'll just make your green/gray eyes more defined with a thick limbal ring. These lenses do not have a lot of color coverage, and will only blend into your natural eye color. It probably won't be what you're looking for, but they'll still be natural and pretty. :)