Dec 12, 2010

Natural Hair Product Review: Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter Conditioner

What it is: Just a simple conditioner
What they say: "SALON-QUALITY. Shampoo and Conditioner System proven to moisutrize your hair as well as Aveda Dry Remedy shampoo and conditioner. This moisturizing conditioner is infused with 100% almond and shea butter, wich are known for their rich emoillments. It replenishes lost moisture leaving your hair well nourished & beautiful".
What I say: Well, for one, this crap dosen't moisturize at all! I did a deep condition and still, my hair was dry afterwards.

How to use: Use as a co-wash, or apply after shampoo. Leave in your hair for 5-10 minutes, or sit under a dryer for 15 minutes. Proceed to wash out.

(Here's a nice texture shor for ya, conditioner in hair and damp of course)

How much: 1 dollar
Where From: Wal-Mart
Repurchase: Definately not.

I have a love-hate realationship with washing my hair!
You see, I love the clean squeaky feeling, and the fact that I'm getting rid of all that product build up.
But I HATE HATE HATE how it feels after I dry it.

 It feels like steel wool, it's so matted and dry! I understand this is because I have just now stripped my hair of all of it's natural oils, but still. My hair is unbearable for a day or two. All my curls seem to magically dissapear, only then will they re-appear after a couple days and a few pumps of moisturizer.

I never understood how some girls could just wash and go. 
I can never find a conditioner that actually conditions!

Untill I find one that does, I will now only be washing my hair every 2weeks instead of every week, and we'll see how that goes.

Here's my hair. All lifeless and dull. :'(


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