Dec 20, 2010

Natural Hair Product Reiew: One 'N Only Argan Oil Series

Funny Story:
I went into a regular beauty supply shop. Sally's to be exact, and I was in the shampoo section. I saw some products that caught my eye. My sister was on the other side of the store so I yelled out, "HEY LOOK! THESE SHAMPOOS DON'T HAVE SULFATES!"

Then all of a sudden, ot of nowhere, ths lady appears behind me and smuggles these three little bottles into my hands, she spoke in a really low voice, "Here, these are for you, they're all natural, try them so next time you come, you know what to look for." And then she was gone. Here they are:

What they say: Sulfate, phospahte and paraben free! Restores moisture, repairs damaged hair, Color protection!

What I say: Heaven in a bottle! You know how I'm always complaining that my hair is painfull dry after I was it. I felt a difference this time around. There were no sulfates to strip the moisture away. My hair actually felt kind of soft for once! I'm just hoping now that the full size version won't be expensive.

How to use: Rub into your hair and Rinse for the most part. None of these are leave-ins.
How much: ???
Where From: Sally's Beauty Supply
Repurchase: I MUST

Natural Hair Shots
Here's me looking like a hipster.
Haha, don't judge me.


  1. LOL best thing to shout in the store ever xD

    I think ive heard of this, and now that i know its goods stuff i'll definitely try to pick some up C:

  2. I effing love your blog. <33 All kinds of cool products I end up wanting to try. o:

    Oh, and during summertime, when I mroe often leave my hair natural, I rather like using stuff from either Kangaroo or,,, eh... wow. I forget the other brand whose conditioners I love. xD Otherwise, I have a deep conditioning dy every 2 weeks for my hair, and that's year round. <3

    Bah, enough about my hair-- yours looks freaking adorable! <33 You wear it so well~!