Jan 8, 2011

EOS Candy Eye/ Max Jelly/ Jewel (G-208) Brown Review

I purchased these lenses from

For $25 and shipping took only 2 days!
(If you buy, please refer me! :) blackoutlyts@live.com or lilblu222 on youtube)

Stock Pic:

Actual Bottles and Bottle Caps:

Actual Lenses:

The Review

(Close Up)

(Both in)

Color/ Design - 10/10: These have a very simple design. The black limbal ring is very thick, and the sandy brown color can either be subtle or slightly vibrant depending on the lighting. The color blends into your natural eye color. These are extremely natural, they will replace my Max Pure Browns when they expire

Enlargement - 10/10: These are 14.5 of course, and have a very dark ring, so ofcourse they enlarge nicely.

(Compared to my naked eye)

(Compared to Max Pure Brown)

Comfort 10/10: I never have problems with EOS lenses.