Jan 15, 2011

Natural Hair Product Review: One 'N Only Argan Oil - Oil Treatment

What they say: Instant Shine, Smoothness, Frizz Control, Color Protection and Alcohol Free! Argan Oil is a non-greasy, alcohol free formula that is absorbed instantly into the hair, creating a brilliant shine without leaving any oily residue. Smooths the cuticle for silky, conditioned and healthy looking hair. Helps protect against damage caused by chemicals, excessive heat, from styling and environmental factors. Eliminates Frizz.

What I say: A nice oil that you can use to seal in moisturizers. Not the best tho. although it smells nice, it doesn't work as well as other oils that I have purchased. The Proclaim 7 Argan Oil leaves my hair shiner and softer for much longer, it even makes my hair feel a tad bit conditioned too. But this oil, only lasts about a third as long,  doesn't make my hair shine, and barely makes it soft.  I'm am a bit disappointed, the shampoo and conditioner and mask from this series worked so well, the oil just doesn't compare to them.

How to use: Rub into hair after you have applied moisturizer, or apply to wet hair.

How much: $8.50 (With Sally's Card)

Where From: Sally's Beauty Supply

Repurchase: Nah.


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