Jan 15, 2011

Shoppingholics.com Shop Review


I received my package today. It came with the two pairs of circle lenses that I ordered. They came with those gift boxes, which is very convenient, because I was planning to gift a pair to my friend anyhow! Two free adorable animal lens cases. A free eye mask, and a nice little thank you note. My package was so securely wrapped. There was so much bubble wrap that I could barely get it open!

Website: 10/10 - Everything is so pretty and pink. You can make your own account and keep tabs on your order from there. The navigation is very organized, so you should have no problem browsing through the site.

Communication: 10/10 - Now, I'm a question asker (lmao). I ask lots of questions when dealing with a new site I've never ordered from before. My questions were answered less than 24 hours. They were very kind and informative.

Circle Lens Selection: 10/10 - They have common brands such as Geo, and EOS, but they also more hard to find brands such as Japan Barbie Eye and NeoVision. They also carry Rx instock!


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