Jan 16, 2011

EOS Adult Grey (E-203) Review

I purchased these from:

For $20.90, and shipping took exactly 2 weeeks.

Stock Pic:

Bottles/Actual Lenses:

The Review

Color/Design - 6/10: The jewel/crystal effect is oh so mesmerizing.  The only problem I have with these lenses is that they don't show up in doors! The color is a'ight. Not the best grey in the world, but it'll do. They do change colors a lot. They can go anywhere from blue-grey, to a true grey, to a greyish lavender.

Enlargement - 8/10: I wasn't expecting any type of enlargement with these seeing as how they are only 14.0, about the smallest you can go. But, according to the pictures, they do enlarge slightly. Nothing to noticeable though.

Comfort - 10/10: Never had any problems with EOS lenses. So far so good.
(Both in)
( Little Bitty Enlargement)
(Compared to Neo Cosmo Glamour Grey)
As you can see, The Glamours are bigger, and are more of a true grey


  1. Those lens look awesome on you! I love the color anyways I have a blog award waiting for you on my page ^_^ congradulations xoxo Jhoy

  2. wow i love those gray lens... T_T
    kyaaa hope my mimi lens will turn like that >_<