Jan 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger Reward!

The sweetie pie cupcake Jhoy awarded me the Stylish Blogger Reward. Thanks a lot! <3 

7 Random Facts About Myself:
1. I have strange cravings for wasabi at times.
2. My favorite movie is Hard Candy
3. I want dye my hair a hot, spicy red!
4. I want my cheeks pierced.
5. I'm fascinated with Belly Dancing.
6. I live for literature.
7.My favorite ice cream flavor is Creme Brulee.

- Thank the blogger who gave you this award.
-List 7 Random facts about yourself
- Pass this award to 5 other blogs you feel have style.
(Once again I always tag people I have never tagged before & in no specific order!)

I shall pass this award on to the following lovely ladies~

2. Tanisa
3. Mae
and 5. Tara

when I get around to it, I will notify these ladies of the award.


  1. THANK YOU GIRL!!♥♥♥ I will be posting today