Feb 2, 2011

Neo Cosmo (Vision) Glamour Grey Review

I purchased these from:

For $28.50, and shipping took exactly 2 weeeks.

Stock Pic:

Bottles Pic/Actual Lens:

The Review

(Close up)

Color/Design - 10/10: These are extremely natural! The dashed lines created a soft edge which makes these lenses very believable. They are 3 toned and blend very well. I would suggest these to light eyed circle lens lovers. The grey is nice too. Unlike the Dollyeye grey I had, these don't change colors. 

 (Compared to mi naked cornea)

Enlargement - 6/10: If it wasn't for the comparison picture, I would have had no idea that they enlarged. Sure, the bottles say that they're 14.2 in diameter, but the color dose not extend to the edge at all. So no anime eyes with these lenses. Just a nice, vibrant color change.

(Compared to the EOS Adult Grey)

As ya can see, the Glamours are a lot more grey than the Adults, and they enlarge a mirco bit more.

Comfort - 10/10 : These lenses are like 40 something percent water or sum shit like that, ans EOS only has 30 something. So knowing hoe comfortable EOS are, these top them by a light year.

More Pictures!


  1. Ooooooooooooooh, wow, those lenses look amazing on You!!! :DDDDDD I am definitely getting those too! I just posted a review of G&G GBT Green, it`s a similar design!

  2. omg so pretty!!! definately getting these :)

  3. You look sooo goregous and loving your youtube vids. I might just order some of these as they look fab. I've ordered the blue, brown and green neo glamours so hopefully they'll be just as natural too.

    Thanks for the great reviews.

  4. Ooooohhhhh want these so bad. Need a job though :/ lol. Love your blog by the wayy!!!

  5. ok, so, I found these at honeycolor.com
    BUT, I'm not sure if it's the same. You seem to know more about this than most others, so I'll ask you.
    Now, at honeycolor they are simply called Neo Glamour Grey, rather then Neo Cosmo Glamour Grey.

    I was wondering if they were the same? Or if the one I found was perhaps an previous brand, seeing as to how they usually just add an extra word to emphasize the new style/brand.

    My eyes are naturally dark like yours, and I'm trying to achieve this look-


    So far, this review seems to be as close with color as I could find.

    So, are the ones in honeycolor not the same? Or are they?

    And if you can, can you think of a color that can reach the same as in the image I put in the comment?

  6. OMG!

    You look so elegant! So pretty - BEAUTIFUL!


  7. Where did you get these from?!