Feb 8, 2011

7 month BC anniversery!

My hair is growing YAY!
7 months post BC.
I haven't really been updating my hair progress as much as I used to. But I still do take pictures!

I've stopped obsessively measuring my hair. But look at it! It's gotten so bug, this picture makes me so excited! :D (excuse the kawaii face, i wasn't feel that picture).

MY twist outs are beginning to turn out quite nicely as well.
I will have pictures of that and the product I use to twist my hair, I'll also be putting up a frohawk tutorial soon! So, be on the look out.


  1. congratz on your hair progress ^-^
    btw i think your blog is so cute... i dont know much about circle lenses or growing hair regimen but i'm your new follower :)

  2. And another congrats comment from me. :]] Your hair texture's gorgeous~~

  3. I loooove your hair :) So pretty!