Feb 13, 2011

Neo Cosmo (Vision) Lucky 4 Tone Clover Grey Review

I received these from:

Stock Pic:

No bottle Pictures, these are the Quarterly and they came in blister packs.
Actual Lens picture coming soon.

The Review
(Excuse the red lines)

Color/Design - 7/10: How do I describe the color of these lenses? Blue? Grey? I can't really say, they are a bit of both. Not the color I was looking for, but it'll do. The design is uber natural, it is 4 tones and has a soft limbal ring.

Enlargement - 4/10: The soft limbal ring makes it hard for there to be any real enlargement.

Comfort - 4/10 : These lenses are extremely flimsy and thin. They dry out quickly. Eh. Not my cup of tea.

More Pictures:


  1. I had these contacts in green. They have such a nice natural look but they aren't vibrant enough. From these pictures it looks like the blue are more vibrant then the green were. You have realllly beautiful eyes :) I wish my eyelashes were as thick as yours.

  2. Thank you for all the reviews! Every now and then, I pop up to your blog before I make a final purchase.

    As a fellow brown gal and Houstonian, I wanted to say thank you for the reviews!

  3. Oh wow, these look really lovely on you! I love the colors, they work really beautifully with your skin tone ♥

  4. wahh~ I really like these contacts! They also look really pretty on you! I also like your reviews alot! Keep it up! ^^

  5. Your very pretty. Naturally