Mar 13, 2011

Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel Review

Woo. Long time, No post. I'm staarting back up with a few product reviews.
Starting with this new gel I bought. Shall we?

If you're a natural, like I am, you know that you have to use a lot of special products that are specifically made for your mane. I've been on quite a few Natural Hair Care Forums, and the ladies there have been simply raving about this stuff. Well. Here's my review. :)

Short Review:

Contains Olive Oil
Holds hair in place
Long Lasting

Makes hair way to stiff to manage

Extended Review:

What they say: Ecostyler Olive Oil Styling Gel is made with 100% Pure Olive Oil. Olive Oil helps your scalp naturally regulate it's own moisturizing system. Olive Oil helps attract moisture to the scalp and holds it in. Like all our styling gels, it is weightless and will leave your hair with a healthy shine and superior hold.

What I say: I'm indifferent about this gel. I like it, you know, it holds my hair in place, and doesss have olive oil in it, and it also dose not flake. But this will leave your hair feeling super hard, which is the opposite of what I strive for. I've heard of girls who slap this over every single strand! 

And I'm just O_o Like, how do you put up with the stiffness?! So, I'm up here thinking. Well, maybe they have the soft hold. So, I searched around, only to find that a soft hold doesn't exists! They have 10 max hold, and 10 max hold only!

How to use: Apply as desired.

How much: 2-3 dollar$
Where From: Sally's Beauty Supply

Repurchase?: Eh, yes. They do give you a massive jar for the price.


  1. xD Only max hold. Wooww~.

    And yeah: my mum uses something like this, and while it's awesome, it deeefinitely does stiffen her hair to a ridiculous extent. :/

    Whenever she lets me mess with her hair, though, I try and 'dilute' this stuff a bit and use it along with some water-- it seems to help a bit...

    Thanks for the great review!

  2. hey you have to use a leave-in and maybe a nice oil(jojoba, tea tree oil, clove oil, coconut oil) in your hair before you put it in.

  3. oh and when you get up in the morning you can get a spray bottle and put water and some of the oils mix em together and spritz ur hair to revive ur curls