Mar 23, 2011


I've been natural for a long time now, yes. But lately, I've been wanting a change. I love my fro and all, but I just want to spice it up a bit. Red is a hot color right now.

 I don't want to dye the whole thing, just the ends, or the front part. A deep, dark, sultry red. That's what I'm striving for. I did some research online on semi-permanent dyes.

Everyone talks to highly about Manic Panic So I went to Sally's seeking out a semi-permanent dye. I reached for the Manic Panic brand when I saw a cheaper brand. Beyond the Zone! Let me tell you, you get what you pay for! That stuff sucks!

I went in thinking that if I got a bright enough red, I wouldn't need to bleach it to get the red I desired. Logically, it should've been an extremely dark red, right? (Someone comment and let me know if I'm wrong).

After about the required time of 20minutes, I rinsed it, and it all rinsed right out. Not a trace of red left. So, yes, I was pretty darn upset. I have not given up. No. My fro will be red soon (well, parts of it anyway). I am going to try a permanent dye this time, not gonna play any games with these rinses.

I just went to CVS and picked up Feria Ruby Red 66 by L'Oreal. It turned out amazing! Not the red I was going for, but I'll go lighter in time.

Again, the color I was going for:

and the radical color I want to achieve:

Here's what I got:

Def. not the color I wanted, but in time I'll build it up. It's Brown, was a burgandy, but it faded. :'(


  1. If you're actually shooting to build up to that radical red color, I suggest trying L'Oreal Colour Rays in Red. I have very dark brown hair, almost black, and it showed up pretty well. :D

  2. Gosh your hair is pretty. <333333

    Also, as far as veggie dyes and all those, they'll really just tint darker hair. The lighter your hair, the more effective the dye, hence the suggestion to 'lift' your hair colour via peroxide/bleach or whatevs.

    I'm so jazzed you did this, though, as I'll be minking (dying th eunderside) my hair with either blonde or intense red later this month. : D

    Best of luck getting the colour(s) you're going for~.

  3. If you really want to a shocking red, you actually have to bleach your hair, lifting it several shades lighter and then apply the Manic Panic red color. I would first research it on Black Hair Media forum since they have a section dedicated to coloring hair. Good luck.

  4. you have the lighten your hair at least a little bit before you color it with a red like that. it even says so on the dye bottle, or at least it should. applying it to hair that hasn't been pre-lightened wont give you a deeper, more sultry color, only a dirty tint to your natural hair that doesnt look too great lol and you'd likely be better off with something from splat or special effects, they last the longest

  5. when you have finished putting color before rinsing, put a plasic bag on your head and dry it with hot air from the dryer...and wait a litte bit.......believe me it works .... but it can be a bit redder than the red you want if you let too long ;p