May 15, 2011

i.Fairy Dolly+ Brown Review

First off! I've been ever so longing to replace my dolly eye browns, and finally some one has invented the bigger, more natural looking, less creepy alternative! 

I purchased these from: Geo Lens House on Facebook
for about 30 bucks and shipping only took like a week.

Stock pic:

Bottles and Tops:


So as you can see, the Dolly+ and Dollyeye brown are almost the exact same color and general design. The Dolly+ are however larger in diameter and the color blends more into the pupil, they are also not as heavily pigmented. Want cute anime character? Go for the dolly+
Want vampire? Go for the Dollyeye

On to the Review:

Color/Design: 10/10 - They are not brown at all, more on the gold side, and I love it! :]  They are the perfect shade too, not to out there, but they are pigmented enough to be eye-catching. These lens have a big pupil, but I really don't mind at all. If more lenses were made this color, I'd be one happy chick.  :') I think I just found my dream lens. 

Enlargement: 10/10 - I give these a ten because my sister said I had bug eyes as soon as I put them on. But c'mon, I don't think they're that big. They enlarge just enough for me. ^_^

Comfort: 6/10 - They feel fine at first, but after a little while they become dry, mainly because, I sadly have a defective lens. :'(  Which I will be getting replaced. 

Overall: These are my dream pair. After this, I probably won't buy another pair of brown lenses...ever! Except a more natural pair to replace my Max Pure Brown, but that's it! I'm done searching~

More Pictures!



  1. *flail*

    THEY LOOK GORGEOUS. <33 Gold definitely works on you, darling. ;P And congrats on switching from vampire to anime character. Haha.

    Oh-- and you seem to be finished editing your layout! :] It's super adorable~.

  2. The pixelated design looks a lil bit stragne, but on your eye it looks so beautiful! <3 I think the enlargement is HUUUUGE!! XD It makes your iris 2 times bigger! But that fits your lovely face. :) As always, love your reviews and I think you are so pretty ^^*

  3. Nice lenses!!Really makes the eye huge!

  4. Please update!!! I'm thinking about getting these lenses!! what is your comfort level after getting the defective pair replaced?