May 15, 2011

Natural Hair Product Review: Curls - Curl Creme Brule

Ecxuse the layout, I'm in the process of customizing it. :) I'm currently taking new pictures so my pretty lil' face can be on the banner. But you see, I want to showcase my natural hair AND my circle lenses (I don't have many pictures with the two. BUT, I'm taking a break from circle lenses for a month--maybe two. Ho hum, We'll see how my eyes react to my new incoming pair
Good news though. New product review!

Short Review:

  •   No Sulfates, silicones, parabeans, mineral, or petroleum oils. 
  • Smells oh so heavenly~


  • Thick
  • Heavy
  • Sticky
  • Not a good moisturizer
  • Leaves residue 

Extended Review:

What they say: Curl Creme Brule will define, defrizz and moisturize your tresses leaving soft curls without hold. Add goddess curls to your extra frizzy sections for more control.

What I say: Eh. It's an okay natural hair product. I notice no curl defining, or de-frizzing, it's just a thick moisturizer that smell like candy. It doesn't really even moisturize to well either. So, I found a new use for it! Instead of using gel for my edges, I use this instead!  But all in all, not worth the money, which is disappointing because the spray variation worked so well. :'(r.

How to use: Apply as desired.

How much: 10 US dollars
Where From: Target
Repurchase?: No thank you


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