Aug 28, 2011 Review

So let me start off by saying that did sponsor me a pair of circle lenses recently (which I will review soon), but I was not asked to review their website. Soooo~, this entire review is based off of my own opinions! is a circle lens shop based in Seoul Korea! They carry a wide range of lenses, and even have some of the rarer brands like T-Top and Tutti! 

Along with that, they have plenty of promotions! Such as: A Back to school special - 15% off selected items, A Re-launching event - 55% selected items. They have Deal of the Days where you can get a pair of lenses for as low as $18 and Members can get Toric Lenses for 20% off

So here's their package! Honestly, this was the most exciting part! IT'S IN A BOX!!!

and inside the box is a whole bunch of shipping peanuts to keep your lenses protected on that long journey

and your lenses also come protected in this Styrofoam casing~

 You get a mini-catalouge from their site. 

 and for all you circle lens newbies, you get an instruction manual too!

PACKAGING:  Their packing was just simply impressive. Just shipping in a box an adding your personal sticker makes it that much more professional. You get a tracking number as well.

WEBSITE:  They have some creative categories such as Two is not enough and Amethyst that might throw you off for a second, but other than that their website it pretty organized and polished.

COMMUNICATION: They respond to e-mails promptly and answer all of your questions on the spot. 

and yeah, they're pretty damn awesome. 
check them out.


  1. You're brave to wear contacts, I would freak out getting anything near my eyes! aha!

  2. Hi, thanks for the review! I'm looking to order from them too :D Um can I know what is the email to contact them? Cos I did email them but haven't got a respond..

  3. You can e-mail them at