Sep 8, 2011

Pop.C Light/ Candydoll/ Candy Magic King Size Brow Review

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I've use to have these lenses on my wishlist. I don't know why I ever took them off

Stock Pic:

Promo Pic:


I lurrrve colorful bottles 

Actual Lenses:

On to the Review:


Color/Design: 6/10 - These are so dolly~ :) The brown gives your eyes a hint of color, it's not really a drastic color change, but along with the black ring, they makes your eyes looks so glassy. I love this design, half color-half black; I just wish that the brown was lighter. I feel that it's to muted for my taste. A beautiful sandy brown was what I was hoping for and would've been so nice.
The muted color makes them more natural, so they don't really pop. 

Enlargement: 10/10 - These are 14.5, so they do enlarge. The Thick black ring will definitely give you that doll-like appeal.

Comfort: 5/10-  I'm not exactly sure what brand these are. Dueba most likely, but my eyes are not agreeing. They dry out quickly, so I have to keep my eye drops on hand.
(compared to their green sisters)
You see how jaw-dropping the green ones are. Fabulous.

Overall: I'm a bit dissapointed with these. I think all those overly bright photos of these got my hopes up. Ho hum, I'm still glad I tried them~ 

Full Face:

look at my nails! they're my favorite color and dazzly dazzly.