Aug 9, 2011

EOS Max Cotton Pink (G-211) Review

You can get these for $15 at:


Stock Pic:



Actual Lenses:

On to the Review:


Color/Design: 7/10 -  The design of these lenses are really soft. The fuzzy limbal ring compliments the pink pretty nicely. The pink is definitely there and despite these being an unnatural color, they're not to freaky. My only complaint is that the pupil hole is bit to blunt for my liking.

Enlargement: 5/10 - These are 14.5, but they look like they're 14.0. :/ I suppose it's because it lacks a defined limbal ring. But hm, they enlarge a little bit.

Comfort: 10/10: Me and EOS lenses are always best friends.

(Compared to EOS Super Nudy)

They're the same size, but the Super Nudies have a bolder design. The limbal is darker, thicker and more prominent  The pink is still relatively the same tho. :]

Overall: These are not my favorite, but I've grown to like them over the past few days. They give my eyes that sultry look that is oh so sexy <3

Video Review: 


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