Aug 9, 2011

Let's talk about Silk Scrunchies

Yes, Scrunchies are so 1980's, but for natural haired girls, they still have a purpose!

As a natural, I love stretching my hair to showcase it's actual length. 
You can stretch you hair in many ways: You can do twist out's, braid outs, coils and the list goes on.
But you can also use scrunchies!

What's so great about these babies is that they're made out of silk.
Unlike other bands, these have no metal on them, so they don't snag and pull at your hair causing breakage and split ends.
Also, because of they're silk material, they don't absorb moisture and leave your hair dry.

I've only been able to find these at my local Chinese Beauty Supply shop.
The best part of all is:
They're only $1 each!

and now, here's some hair porn!:


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