Aug 15, 2011

Natural Hair Product Review: Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner

Many natural swear by this product. I did too at first, until it totally ruined my hair!

Short Review

Smells great
Makes hair soft and fluffy
Amazing Conditioning

Makes your hair dry
Breaks it off
Acts as a Band-aid
Contains a silicone

Let me explain...

Extended Review

What they Say
Cantu® shea butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream is made withreal shea butter and essential oils to replace vital oil in your hair leaving it stronger and healthier with a natural shine.
Cantu® shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream can be used on wet hair as an intensive moisturizing treatment or to tame frizz and fly-aways.

What I say
 Mmkay, so you're probably wondering about my contradicting short review. Let me explain. When you first put this product in your hair, you'll be amazed! It smells nice, make your hair shine, makes it soft, it's a dream in a jar. Until you begin to wonder why your hair feels like a brillo pad a couple days later.

I'll tell you why!
This product hosts a nasty silicone.

Trimethylsilylamodimethicone acts as a band-aid. It is a villain in disguise. It tricks you into thinking that you have lush, flawless hair, when really it's hurting it more than doing any good. Silicones seal the cuticle of your hair shaft and prevent moisture from entering. This is what makes your hair dry later on. Dryness = Breakage. It also can not be paired with other hair products. Silicones are so heavy that they can only be removed with clarifying shampoos. Layering products on top of them will only cause build up and an unhealthy scalp.

ALSO! There is not a product in the world that will mend your split ends. If you have split ends, you need to cut them ASAP, or they will continue to become worse. 
AND there is not a product in the world that will protect your hair from a 150 degree flat iron.

So don't be fooled~

How to use:
  • Daily Styling – Apply to towel dried hair.  Work a generous amount of product into hair beginning at the roots to the tips.  Comb through for even distribution.  Do not rinse.  Apply more to longer hair at the ends or problem areas.
  • Leave In Treatment – Apply as directed for “Daily Styling” just after shampooing.  Re-apply and cover with a plastic cap overnight for maximum absorbtion and intensive conditioning.
  • Frizz Free Hair – Apply daily to split ends or damaged areas.  Comb through and let dry naturally.

How much: 5 dollars
Where From: CVS
Repurchase: No.

 My grade:



  1. thaaannnks so much for that review! im transitioning and i bought the shea butter thinking it would help my hair. it made it spft and everything but a day or two later it made my hair dry and dirty. reaaallly bad. and was thinking of throwing it out. your review helped me decide to toss it!! thanks and much love!!

  2. omg hun, i can finally comment lol! btw, did u get my email loool i just remembered.. i was saying that i can never comment in ur blog because it didnt work.

    anywho.. i just bought this and i was googling some review.. and wow im confused. the first one i checked had a COMPLETELY, ENTIRELY different ingredient list to mine, despite being exactly the same products.. so does urs.. they are not even close to having similar ingredinet..that is soo mis leading.. mine has amazing ingredients the first top half, but unfortunately contains mineral oil at the far bottom and dimethicone almost at the bottom :( //

    just leaving my link because i dont know if my disqus profile shows my blog.. x

  3. Hey, I just saw your review of this product yesterday, and I'm glad you're loving it. I guess you just have to find what works for you.

    and yess, I got your e-mail, I've been busy with university and all, so sowwy I couldn't get back to you, but thank you very much, I appreciate your effort. lol, I don't have a twitter, but I should really make one.

    and I have no idea what's up with the company/product buuuutttt---they're just all over the place!