Aug 16, 2011

EOS Super Nudy Pink (G-207) Review

You can get these lenses at Cosy Mall
for nz$17.95
also check out their Facebook page!

Stock Pic:

They have their own custom stickers.

Actual Lenses:

On to the Review:

Color/Design: 7/10 - My first ever pair of circle lenses was of the nudy series, so I am fond of the design even after all this time. Since it's speckled, it allows your natural eye color to blend in with the lens color. The pink can be true at time, but it can also change colors to violet. Meh. The only thing I don't like about these lenses is the limbal ring. If it were brown, or a darker shade of pink, they'd be perfect. It's just to harsh.

Enlargement: 10/10 - These are 14.5, and the thick dark limbal ring does it's job.

Comfort: 10/10: I can never complain about EOS and they're pillow-on-my-cornea lenses.

(cool lighting)
(Compared to EOS Max Cotton Pink)

They're the same size, but the Super Nudies have a bolder design. The limbal is darker, thicker and more prominent  The pink is still relatively the same tho. :]
I like the nudies a lot more.

Overall - 8/10: These lenses did not dissapoint me. They are far more appealing than my old Geo Nudy Pink. I can see myself wearing these until they expire. :)

Irrelevant photo of my scraggly eyelashes:

Full Face:

Video Review: 


  1. oh wow you look gorgious with the lenses! <3
    I might buy them too, hehe ^^
    btww new follower ;D love your blogg ^^


  2. You look like a dolly in the last picture hun.<3