Aug 21, 2011

Green Tea Rinse

So I did this green tea rinse a little bit ago. My house is swimming in tea, so y'know, I thought: why not?

What does green tea do to your hair exactly?
"Apparently, the tannins in caffeinated tea help thicken the hair shaft and make hair appear fuller. Also tea is a natural astringent, which means that it penetrates the pores of the scalp and dissolve excess sebum (oil produced by the glands).

Tighter pores, means the skin is better protected from excess oil and dirt. Believe it or not, excess oil and dirt are what actually make your scalp flake off. It’s kind of your scalp’s emergency response to not being able to breathe. So tea rinses can keep you from “shedding” both your scalp and your hair, making them more resilient. The combo of tighter pores and thicker hair means your scalp is holding onto the hair better, and more resilient hair means it won’t snap as easily. This causes less hair to be pulled out, or break off when detangling. Tea rinses benefit all hair types." (Savvy Brown)

The Recipe:
4 Tea bags
5 cups of water
The Directions: 
Boil your 5 cups of water
then steep and brew your teabags for an hour
and let it chill in the fridge
it smelled so good~! I just wanted to dunk my head in it and sip away.
Now, continue on with your regular washing regimen.
(For me, I washed my hair with Aussie Moist Shampoo, then conditioned it with the same brand. I left the conditioned on for about 10 minutes maybe. Then proceeded to detangle.)
Then you dip a cup into the bowl of chilled tea and pour it over your hair. Beware: It will be cold. It was so cold, I screamed.
Cold is good though, it shocks the hair cuticle closed which prevents moisture from escaping. :)
After you drench your hair with tea, put a plastic bag over it and wait for a minimum of 15 minutes.
and then yeah, wash it out.
I didn't see any immediate results. My hair still has as much breakage as it did before. Perhaps because I only did it once? The only benefit for me was that my scalp felt so refreshed and cleansed.
Will I do it again in the future?
Sure. It's not costly, doesn't take long and my hair smelt great.


  1. Ive heard Black tea rinses are just as effective. Ive been meaning to try a tea rinse for a while now, I have more than enough tea in my house, haha.