Aug 8, 2011

Geo Cafe Mimi Cappuccino Red/Violet (WM-700) Review

I got these from: 
Stock Pic:

Actual Lens:


On to the Review:


Color/Design: 5/10 - These lenses have such a beautiful intricate swirl design, but sadly, all of that gets lost over my dark brown eyes. :'( Bummer. The color is rather dark as well. It is a deep 1 toned burgundy. 

Enlargement: 10/10 - These are 15mm. Yeah? So if these don't enlarge your eyes, I don't know what will.

Comfort: 9/10 - These are the most comfortable Geo's I've ever worn. I've had about 4 or 5 pairs of them, and these rank #1.

Overall: I'm in love with the lens design it's self, but I'm a tad dissapointed that they don't show up. But oddly enough, I've come to like the enlargement. These are for enlargement purposes only. I would love to see some one with light eyes wear these. I bet they'd look amazing~


  1. Gorgeoouusss. I can kinda' get the sense of them giving your eyes a wine/burgundy tint, too. <33

    Hm.. I wonder if the pattern might show up with flash. o:

  2. "I would love to see some one with light eyes wear these."
    I would too, since I have green-gray eyes and I don't know if to buy them or not (from pinkyparadise), since they may look weird.

    I have to cosplay this character and these ones seem the only ones to have a similar colour. Still, I'm worried the colour might look different on my eyes, and I'm also worried that my eye colour would show up in the center, ruining the effect. I hope to find some photo of them on light eyes.

  3. i love these lenses, they look SO cool!
    sadly, they only have them in plano prescription T___T
    thanks for the awesome quality photos!

  4. it does look really nice so dolly :) just got the gray one .. same effect lost in my dark brown eyes its Looks black big ginormous black eyeballs hehehe ^^.