Sep 12, 2011

i.Fairy Kirei Brown Review

There is simply just to much bad-ass-ness in these circle lenses.
 I think think make the list of my top 5.

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Stock Pic:

The actual lenses are much lighter


 i.fairy has the cutest bottles

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Actual Lens:

On to the Review!
Color/Design: 8/10 - Because, I don't really know wtf color these are! They are def. not brown. More like an extremely ashy, pale green-grey. The sun burst around the pupil is lacking and does not show up well, But these lenses are gorgeous, and the color is so exotic. 

 Enlargement: 10/10 - These are 14.5 or maybe 14.8, not really sure but they do enlarge. Since these lenses are a lighter color than most, the enlargement isn't so overwhelming.

 Comfort: 10/10-  These feel so good to me~ 

i.fairy Dolly+ Brown vs. i.Fairy Kerei Brown
So, neither of these are actually brown. The Dolly+'s have less color coverage but have a more golden color, and the Kerei's are look more natural and a smaller pupil. I LOVE THEM BOTH! I can't choose a favorite, I just can't.

Overall: I'm loving these. They make me feel like a sexy cat-snake lady. Now if the sunburst showed up, omg, I'd be in complete heaven. Get these. Seriously. I'm not kidding. Buy these lenses.

Full Face:


  1. Thank you so much for the review!! I´ve been wanting a "pale yellow" kind of lenses for a while!!!
    I liked the kirei ones but there was no review anywhere!!! I´m totally gonna buy them now <3

    Btw they look gorgeous on you!