Oct 8, 2011

Shoe Post: Minnetonka Lily Chocolate

It's getting chilly outside. Prefect excuse to buy shoes lined with fur!

Minnetonka's Moccasins are so comfortable! They're pillows for your feet! The feux fur will definitely aid my cold feet in these coming winter months.

I got these at Journey's for about $60. At first, while trying them on in the store. I wasn't quite sure if I liked them or not. I pranced around in the mirror for about a good 15 minutes before deciding to buy them. I figured that I could always just get a refund later if I changed my mind.

My sister didn't like them. She said they look fat and they look like boats...my mom, said the exact same thing.

(Box Label)

They're a deep brown/chocolate color. I chose brown, because well...Brown has the potential to go with everything! 

(Side View, and the bow on top)

(Detailed picture of the stitching)

(The FUR!)

I don't care what my mom or sister says. From looking at these pictures, I think that I can officially say that I like them, and I'm keeping them.


  1. They are cute!
    I didnt like mine at first then I liked them but then I got bored of them xD Now they are house slippers haha.
    I feel they look better on other people then me xD

  2. I couldn't see myself wearing a pair of these (not my style), but you make them look super cute! :)

  3. These are so in! I've been seeing so many people wear them, I definitely want a pair but I only wear flats at work so I have no idea if I'd actually use them. haha

  4. I love moccasins they always look so comfy! So cute haha ❤ 。◕‿◕。