Nov 8, 2011

Gel Nails~

Mhmm, I finally got my nails did with my minimum wage paycheck $$$
And of course I went to Wal-mart to get them done, because...well...that's where I got my check chased and I can do that. Anywhoo, for about a solid 15 bucks you can get gel painted on your fingers with the promise of no chipping for a good 2 weeks or more.

Lime green, yeeeahhh~ They really didn't have many colors to choose from, just a bunch of pinks, reds, black and this green.
They're on the messy side. My manicurist decided that she wanted to gossip with her friend instead of pay of attention to that she was doing. I'm not to much of a perfectionist, so I still like them.

The gel had to be hardened under a UV light three separate times, and when it was dry, had the consistency of plastic; and that is where the anti-chip feature kicks in. I like that they don't damage your nails like acrylic.

So far, they haven't chipped and it's been a week. Considering I use my hands at work a lot, scrubbing tea jugs and counters and everything else at work, they're still in good shape.

Would I get these again? Sure. 
Pay more than 15? No.
Diff. place? Definitely.


  1. Cute =)

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  2. I didnt know walmart did nails xD.
    Sucks that she didnt do a perfect job.
    I would of been mad xD
    I like gel nails because they last longer and dont damage as much as acrylics.

  3. @ Banny, Walmart does everything lmao

    I'd have been pretty pissed if she wasnt paying full attention to my nails, what am I paying her for then? xD

    They look great though~! I love that color :D

  4. I had no idea Walmart did this. They don't in Canada at least. lol I like the colour you chose those! Yay for neons!

  5. what!?!? had no idea walmart does manicures haha thats crazy!! i do love the color though! i think thats going to be my next purchase :)