Dec 19, 2011

EOS Super Neon Brown Review

Excuse the long hiatus~ I'm here to make it up with a new review!

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Stock Pic:


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Actual Lens:

On to the Review!

Color/Design: 6/10 - These are two toned lenses. The black is more prominent than the honey brown which is disappointing. I was all up in my friend's face the other day and she didn't even notice I had new eyes.  I like the design of the lens, the blunt pupil hole makes them very bold.

 Enlargement: 10/10 - These are 14.5 and very dark therefore, enlargement is evident.

 Comfort: 10/10- Never had a problem with EOS and their lenses.

Candy Magic King Size Brown vs. EOS Super Neon Brown
They're both 14.5 and brown; perfect for a comparison. The Candy Magic's have a larger pupil hole, they give off a more innocent, dolly-eyed feel. The Neon's on the other hand are totally opposite, they give off a more intense, sophisticated vibe, and off less color coverage.

Overall: These lenses are so-so for me. I don't love them, nor do I completely hate them. I don't mind the size or the design, just Had they only been brighter...


  1. They look different from their stock photo (which is a bit intimidating to me imo) but they look great on you!

  2. OMG.. i like super Neon brown's pattern..
    but they turned out a bit darker..
    great on you.. i love yellowish color lens~

  3. Awesome reviews when I'm just about to go get them too tomorrow~

    Thanksss babes.