Jan 24, 2012

1.5 years of being natural: I've come a long way~

My hair has grown soooo much in the past year. I can't believe it! I can't believe that there was actually a time where I thought my TWA would never grow.

Look at me now

Lil' ol' me went from this:

(6 months)


(1 year and 6 months)
:') I'm sorry, but I just heard all the natural haired angels singing. In about a year, my hair has just been sprouting from my follicles like weeds.

I owe it all to my minimal regimen.
I know that there's plenty of girls who swear by slathering on multiple products. Me? I only swear by 3.

Shampoo. Conditioner. and Shea butter.
I wash my hair once week, and add Shea butter right after. During the week: I leave it the hell alone.
I do not add extra products. I do not over style it. None of that. I just let it be.

Thus, my hair has grown 11 centimeters (about 6 inches) in just a quick year, and that length includes, cuts, trims and all. IDK, I'm just happy right now. So content with my hair...and life of course. ^_^;


  1. lucky >.< you got into the program early. When I had my first cut I never took care of it till 2 years later.

    Good luck on your journey you are doing great

  2. You're sooo pretty! I think I always say that! My hair is mixed so I can't just let it be, it becomes a horrible disaster. ;_;

  3. You hair really has grown a lot! Va va voom!!
    You have an amazing face and should model. lol That sounds a bit creepy but I had to say it. C;

  4. wow that's long now! its my first time to visit your blog, i enjiyed reading ;) hope you could visit mine too!